Kaba EACM-access

The SAP module for efficient access organisation



Kaba EACM-access is an organizational access control solution for SAP users. With this Kaba solution, granting access authorizations will become an integral part of your company's business processes. Kaba EACM-access allows you to complete all tasks relating to access management within your SAP system. Access rights and profiles are assigned automatically, based on the employee's role (location, workplace, qualifications, etc.).

A significant benefit for you is that you will no longer require any "middleware" software, guaranteeing optimal security within your company and reducing administrative burden.


  • Your Human Resources department manages your employee's access rights in a simple and convenient manner within your SAP system.
  • The granting access rights and profiles is automated and based on the employee's role (location, workplace, qualifications, etc.).
  • Employees request new access rights via SAP Workflow.
  • Access components communicate directly with the SAP solution.
  • Kaba EACM-access makes use of the existing SAP system, using the SAP Organizational Management, Business Workflow, Authorization Management, Alert Management, and Reporting components.
  • Access control within the SAP system can be updated with new versions, making it a safe investment; it is transparent and scalable, and provides you with organizational efficiency.


This Kaba solution is ideal for all SAP users who want to integrate access control directly into their SAP system. Kaba EACM-access makes it easy for users to efficiently control access to their premises, buildings, specific departments, production halls and IT rooms. Personnel are monitored based on their badge data for time-based and room-based authorizations. This solution is suitable for any company of any size in any industry.


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    The SAP module for efficient access organisation & time and attendance

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