Integration platform B-COMM® – Option Biometrics

With the integration platform B-COMM – Option Biometrics we offer you the communication structure for data exchange between the biometric terminals and the software application. Integrated into your IT structures, you can integrate one or all company sites into a holistic solution with B-COMM.

B-COMM - Option Biometrics is hardware- and operating system-independent, has a modular structure and is configured according to your requirements. In order to achieve high data security for biometric data, B-COMM is typically installed on a server located in a protected area.
In your biometric collection system, B-COMM takes over:

  • the integrated template management for the overall system
  • the central finger enrollment (first-time reading of a fingerprint)
  • the intelligent administration and distribution of all fingerprint data to the connected terminals, irrespective of whether at one site or at several distributed sites, including international sites
  • management for a mixed operation of terminals with RFID and biometric readers

B-COMM offers you the flexible distribution of the finger templates to the places in the company at which they are required for functions of access control, time & attendance and shop floor data collection.