Access Control - Kaba access manager 92 30


Kaba access manager 92 30
Kaba access manager 92 30

Kaba access manager 92 30 is optimised for single access points. Two Kaba compact readers or two Kaba registration units can be directly connected. Power over Ethernet (PoE) supplies the access manager with power via the network cable. The compact and discreet Kaba design of access manager 92 30 means that it blends seamlessly into any building structure.


  • Straightforward planning – one door manager per access point.
  • Quick installation – thanks to modern PoE network technology. Two registration units or two compact readers can be connected.
  • Independent – operates autonomously using its own decision logic and local data storage.
  • Discreet design – can be installed in full view.
  • The access manager supports Kaba CardLink thus enabling the integration of standalone components such as digital cylinders.
  • Supports the LEGIC prime/advant and MIFARE Classic/DESFire RFID technology.
  • The access manager can easily be integrated into existing systems.


Access manager 92 30 manages and controls single access points, ranging from straightforward access points to more complex door models.

There are powerful, flexible standard functions available which can be used for alarm and door management.