Press - Success Stories

Here you’ll find user reports and success stories of successful installations with Kaba Benzing solutions.

The individual areas are dynamic, i.e. you can sort the table according to different categories. Therefore please click the desired title in the head of the table. To see the list in reverse order simply click the same link again. The following abbreviations are used in the "Applications" column:

  • AC = Access Control
  • BIO = Biometrics
  • CL = CardLink
  • MKS = Mechanical Key Systems
  • DHW = Door Hardware
  • ENS = Entrance Systems
  • PAS = Physical Access Systems
  • SFDC = Shop Floor Data Collection
  • SP = Staff Planning
  • TA = Time and Attendance
CompanySoftwareApplicationBranchPDF (KB)
ABICOR BINZVEDAACIndustrial Goods and Services311
Action, ZwaagdijkSAPAC, CL, TARetail Trade731
AfriSam (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd.SAPAC, TAIndustrial Goods and Services777
A. Fritsch GmbH & Co. KGtisowareSFDC, TAIndustrial Goods and Services641
Albi, BühlenhausenACCENONAC, TAFood and Related Products368
Alfred Giesser Messerfabrik GmbHinforSFDCIndustrial Goods and Services636
Amadeus AGBavaria, MünchenACIndustrial Goods and Services701
AMPCO, Equatorial GuineaIDS Scheer, SAPTAChemicals651
Arnold AGCANCOMSFDCIndustrial Goods and Services686
Joint community of ArtlandACCENONTAPublic Facilities681
Arwed Löseke GmbHATOSSAC, TAIndustrial Goods and Services645
B&Q PlcSAPTARetail Trade189
Badischer VerlagSAPACPress623
Balluff GmbHSAPAC, TAElectronics and Electrical165
barth LogistikgruppetisowareAC, TATransportation and Logistics205
Bauerfeind AGSAPAC, SFDC, TAHealthcare112
Bayerische SpielbankenBavaria München, SAPAC, TAIndustrial Goods and Services203
Bilfinger SESAP, Kaba exosAC, TAIndustrial Goods and Services352
Biotest AG DreieichSAP, Kaba exosZE, ZK, PASPharmacy253
Birkel Teigwaren GmbHtisowareTAFood and Related Products640
BMW Manufacturing Corp.SAPTAAutomotive172
Cardinal Health Germany GmbHADOAC, SFDC, TAHealthcare171
Caritas Altenzentrum, EltvilletisowareTAPublic Facilities645
C&A, NetherlandsSAPTARetail Trade676
Constantin Film-Holding GmbHtisowareTAMedia Production152
Dailycer, FranceSAGESTA, SFDCFood and Related Products231
DIESEL Deutschland GmbHUCITAManufacturing
Dipl.-Ing. K. Dietzel GmbHtisowareTAIndustrial Goods and Services644
Dublin AirportTDSACAirport180
ebm-papst St. GeorgenGmbH & Co. KGSAPAC, TAElectronics and Electrical619
E. Junker Maschinenfabrik GmbHtisowareAC, SFDC, TAIndustrial Goods and Services617
Egger GroupSAPACWoodworking Machinery209
Engel Austria GmbHSAPAC, TAIndustrial Goods and Services622
EUROGATE GroupIDENTA, Marx, SAPAC, TATransportation and Logistics170
FISCHER Licht & Metall GmbH & Co. KGVEDATAIndustrial Goods and Services657
Fissler GmbHSAPTAManufacturing Industry271
Fürstenberg-GroupSAPSFDC, TAFood and Related Products628
Flottweg GmbH & Co. KG aAtisowareSFDC, TAIndustrial Goods and Services207
Follmann & Co., Minden tisowareAC, CLIndustrial Goods and Services701
GlobeGroundAstrumTATransportation and Logistics630
Globus SB-Warenhaus GmbH & Co. KG -AC, TA, BIORetail Trade711
Gould Electronics GmbH & Co. KGtisowareTAElectronics and Electrical644
Great Basin GoldSAPTAIndustrial Goods and Services457
Grupo Leche Pascual SA, SpainSAPAC, TA, BIOFood and Related Products649
HAHN + KOLB Werkzeuge GmbHSAPAC, TAIndustrial Goods and Services483
Haller Internationale SpeditiontisowareSFDC, TATransportation and Logistics641
Haltermann & Schulte GmbHSchillingAC, TA, BIORetail Trade703
Hammel Recyclingtechnik GmbHTemprasAC, TARecycling448
Harro HöfligerCALITIMESFDCIndustrial Goods and Services157
Haus der Bayerischen WirtschaftBavariaAC, BIOServices663
HeidelbergCement AGSAPAC, TAConstruction and Maintenance172
Heidemark GmbHCTMAC, BIO, TAFood and Related Products687
Heinsberg hospitalMATRIXACHealthcare196
HeliotronSAP Business ByDesignTAChemical Industry475
Helukabel GmbHtisowareAC, TAElectronics and Electrical640
Herz- und Kreislaufzentrum Rotenburg tisowareTAHealthcare641
Hess AGSAPSFDC, TALight Engineering252
H.J. Kuepper GmbH & Co. KGGFOSSFDCIndustrial Goods and Services700
HSE24BavariaAC, CL, TAMedia Production184
IHK Würzburg-SchweinfurtPlanzeitAC, TAServices623
InFoScoreSAPAC, TABusiness Services127
J.G. Anschütz GmbH & Co. KGVEDATAConsumer Goods and Services174
Kalenborn Kalprotectorga-softSFDC, AC, TAIndustrial Goods and Services250
Karl Späh GmbH & Co. KG, ScheerSAPSFDCIndustrial Goods and Services651
KGS Keller Geräte & Service GmbHSAPAC, SFDC, TAIndustrial Goods and Services440
Kindervilla, DresdentisowareAC, TAServices614
Kinetics Germany GmbHtisowareSFDCIndustrial Goods and Services613
Koch, Neff & Volckmar GmbHSAPAC, TAServices597
Kölner DomSoftworldTAPublic Facilities646
Kramer Werke GmbHSAPTAIndustrial Goods and Services596
Kreiskrankenhaus RotenburgPRO CLIENTBIO, TAHealthcare624
Kress-elektrik GmbH & Co. KG tisowareAC, SFDC, TAElectronics and Electrical629
Kroschke-Kaba EACM, AC, TASign Manufacturer227
Krüger GmbH & Co. KGGFOSAC, TAFood and Related Products664
Kröger WerftTorex Retail WFMTAShipbuilding178
KWS GmbHtisowareAC, TAManufacturing
KWS Saat SESAP, Kaba exos AC, TAFood and Related Products215
La Brosse et Dupont, FranceMeta4TAConsumer Goods and Services225
Landratsamt Rhein-Neckar-KreisSAPTAPublic Institution263
LBS Baden-WürttembergSAPAC, TAFinancial Services664
Lebenshilfe HeidenheimtisowareSP, TAHealthcare227
Lederle-HermeticSAPSFDC, TAIndustrial Goods and Services664
LEONI AGBavaria, SAPAC, TAElectronics and Electrical608
LEONI Wiring SystemsBavaria Zeitsysteme GmbHAC, TAManifacturing445
Logistics Group International GmbHtisowareTATransportation and Logistics620
Loh Services GmbH & Co. KGADOSFDCSevices132
LSW Maschinenfabrik GmbHSAPSFDCIndustrial Goods and Services627
MAPAL KGSAPTAIndustrial Goods and Services160
MAPAL WWS - Werner Stief GmbHSAPAC, TAIndustrial Goods and Services248
Margarete Steiff® GmbHUCIAC, SFDC, TAConsumer Goods and Services646
Miba AGIndustrie InformatikSFDC, TAAutomotive148
MITEC Automotive AGSAPSFDCAutomotive145
MS Mail Service AGTorex Retail WFMTAServices166
Otto Ganter GmbH & Co. KGtisowareSFDCIndustrial Goods and Services640
Papierfabrik Scheufelen
GmbH & Co. KG
SAPAC, TAIndustrial Goods and Services147
PERI GmbHSAPTAConstruction and Maintenance150
Pirelli Tyre TAAutomotive241
PLAZAMEDIA GmbHBavaria, tisowareAC, TAMedia Production196
Poeschl Tabak GmbH & Co. KGBavariaAC, TAFood and Related Products685
POLYTEC Thermoplast
GmbH & Co. KG
GeCOSoftSFDC, TAPlastics126
Q205 Friedrichstadt-passagentisowareAC, TAReal Estate251
RAMPF Holding GmbH & Co. KG GrafenbergtisowareAC, TAChemical Industry247
Rauch Landmaschinen GmbHBreitenbachTAIndustrial Goods and Services249
RECARO Aircraft Seating GmbH & Co.KGSAPAC, TAManufacturing
Redcats, FranceHR AccessTAMail order432
Rehm Thermal Systems GmbHSAPSFDC, TAElectronics and Electrical211
Rewe Center Schulenburg
GmbH & Co. KG
Torex Retail WFMTAFood and Related Products171
Rieger Behälterbau GmbHSAPSFDC, TAIndustrial Goods and Services719
Robert Bosch Automotive Steering GmbHSAP, Kaba exosAC, TAAutomotive391
Ritter Leichtmetallguß GmbH, WeinstadttisowareSFDCManufacturing
Rudolf Haufe Verlag GmbHSAPAC, TAPress175
SBS Feintechnik GmbH & Co. KG SchonachtisowareSFDC, TA, Industrial Goods and Services149
Schlatterer GmbH & Co. KGSOFT-CONSULTAC, TA, BIOManufacturing
Schweizer Electronic AGSAPTAElectronics and Electrical146
SCHOTTKaba exosACGlas manufacturing258
SeebergerSoft-ConsultTA, ACFood and Related Products141
Sedus Stoll AGSAPAC, TAConsumer Goods and Services106
Sembach GmbH & Co. KGtisowareSFDC, TAIndustrial Goods and Services184
SHW Casting Technologies GmbHtisowareTA, ACIndustrial Goods and Services801
SHW GmbHGFOSAC, TAManufacturing
Spenner Zement GmbH & Co. KGadataTAConstruction and Maintenance99
Stadtklinik, FrankenthalmgmAC, CL, TAHealthcare698
Stadtwerke PirmasensComputimeAC, CL, TALocalities667
Staedtische Kliniken Bielefeld MittemgmTAHealthcare668
Städtisches Klinikum MünchenBavariaAC, TAHealthcare190
Steel Automotive GmbHSAPTAAutomotive422
Sternberg GmbHnowisysSFDCManufacturing Industry188
Südzucker AGSAP, Kaba exosBDE, ZE, ZK, ENS, DHWFood and Related Products438
TAP, PortugalSAPAC, TAAirport691
TECHNO COLOR GmbHtisowareSFDC, TAAutomotive146
Tenneco AutomotiveSAPTAAutomotive120
Theben AGtisowareSFDCElectronics and Electrical232
Ucon AG Container-systeme KGtisowareTAConstruction and Maintenance159
University of HerdfordshireTDSTAEducation196
Vinzenz Murr GmbHATOSSBIO, TAFood and Related Products168
Völkl Sports GmbHIFSSFDCSports658
Vodafon Campus-ENS, DHWTelecommunications234
Volkswagen AG/ Dresden ACAutomotive44
VonoviaInSitechMKSReal Estate Industry309
Wagner Tiefkühlprodukte GmbHComputime, SAPAC, TAFood and Related Products155
Walter AGtisowareAC, TAManufacturing Industry242
Walter Hundhausen GmbHSAPTAManufacturing
WEPA Papierfabrik P. Krengel GmbH & Co. KGbreitenbachAC, TAManufacturing
WfB GmbHbreitenbachTAHealthcare367
Wilbert Turmkrane GmbHComputimeAC, CL, TAConstruction and Maintenance710
Zentren fuer Psychatrie - SuedwuerttembergUBWaTAHealthcare636