Multifunction terminal B-Net 95 80

Kaba's B-Net 95 80 multifunction terminal offers solutions for many applications. In the past, terminals were mostly meant for a single purpose. The current trend with PC-based terminals now moves forward towards a multifunction terminal. The performance and functionality has been improved dramatically by multiple enhancements and features in comparison to most industrial PC's and Data Collection terminals in the current market.

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The B-Net 95 80 provides high operational availability coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The PC terminal does not require a fan and ventilation slots, which reduces the noise level considerably. Maintenance costs are also reduced because external fans that are prone to interference are no longer required. Without a fan or ventilation slots, foreign objects or moisture will no longer be a concern with respect to damage to internal circuitry.

This terminal stands the test of time also in rough production environments. The B-Net 95 80 is reinforced with robust fiberglass that enables it to handle light impacts, compared to metal housed terminals that can get deformed or get leak damage.

The 17" TFT display has daylight quality in terms of reflection, luminescence, and contrast. Information will display clearly even with strong overhead or ceiling lights.

The Touchscreen Terminal is sensitive to touch and can be easily operated with gloves. Kaba places emphasis on the high quality of components used. A robust, resistive 5-wire-touchscreen in 17“ enables a precise and error-free operation with a long operating life.

Multifunction Terminal – Data Collection, Time and Attendance

The B-Net 95 80 has primarily been designed and developed for sophisticated and complex SFDC (Shop Floor Data Collection) solutions. It is able to record personnel data, job data, machine capacity data, stock data, quality data, and maintenance data. The B-Net 95 80 features four digital outputs to connect machines and four digital inputs which can be used as counters.

The terminal has two integrated readers to record data. Due to the terminal's modular structure, these readers can be freely combined depending on the customer's requirements (e.g. one LEGIC reader with one barcode-touch reader). One serial interface and four USB interfaces are available for individual extensions, (e.g. to connect a scale or a printer). The Windows-based PC terminal has a built-in Ethernet interface that allows it to be easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures.

Multifunction Terminal – Kiosk System, Information Terminal

This high end Kiosk Information System can additionally be used as a platform for web-based information applications. The Java programmed terminal now has new improved hardware with more powerful, faster, and better flexibility in customized applications.

The B-Net 95 80 can be used as an Information Terminal for employees and customers to show personal data, training contents, information about the company, etc. The B-Net 95 80 also addresses new target groups. It can be used as Internet surf station, Point-of-sale (POS) Terminal, or simply for entertainment purposes.

Multifunction Terminal – Employee Self Service

With the B-Net 95 80's Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service features, employees and supervisors can manage a part of the personal data themselves. Information can be independently retrieved from the internet or intranet via the web browser. Some of the features are:

  • Individual display and printing of time statement and level of efficiency of employee or department
  • Application management, master record maintenance, and workflow
  • Display of duty rosters with correction capabilities
  • Corrections directly at the terminal (e.g. erroneous bookings, absent times, etc.)

Self-service functions like this considerably relieves the HR department from time-consuming routine tasks.

Multifunction Terminal – Industrial PC

The B-Net 95 80 multifunction terminal has many functions permitting easy and error free operations. The operations do not aim at the user who uses a PC everyday. They rather aim at the user that records data in a process, (e.g. production orders). The user is prompted and guided through the operating sequence in his or her own language. Entries and data is then processed and validated before being processed in the system.

The Industrial PC is durable and uses high quality hard drives, aimed toward long hours of operation.

According to the industrial requirements, the B-Net 95 80 features an Intel Celeron with 800 MHz or an Intel Pentium M with 1.6 GHz. Different RAM expansion stages are available. A large range of expansion options, housing colors, protection class IP 65, etc. increase the configuration possibilities. The B-Net 95 80 is an out of the box solution.