New assembly point solution saves valuable time in emergencies

Assembly point solution
Assembly point solution

In emergencies, the protection and evacuation of personnel has utmost priority.

The collection point is a point outside of the building where all employees have to assemble in the event of an evacuation. In this way, it is possible to ascertain whether everyone has been able to leave the building. For this, it is important that all people present at the
assembly point are recorded quickly and that any missing people can be determined reliably and without any omissions.

With the new solution, the recording of people is done by use of a B-Net 91 20. The data are analyzed immediately in a partner software or in the B-COMM ERP Attendance Board for SAP ERP (RollCall).

The system provides the rescue teams with comprehensive emergency lists with names and information on the last known location of the missing persons. The rescue forces thus obtain the information as to whether it is necessary to rescue any people and whether measures to combat the causes can be initiated that much quicker than by manual
counting. The reaction times can be substantially reduced with the assembly point solution as all the necessary information is available quickly.

The solution is particularly suited for companies in the chemicals and energy sector, but basically saves time in the evacuation in every industrial company.

Solution advantages

  • Provides structure and a regular procedure
  • In the case of an evacuation, quick detection and, if required, determination of missing persons can take place
  • Comprehensive emergency lists containing names and information on the last whereabouts of the missing persons