New mobile access solution for large events


A well organized, perfectly working access control plays an important role in the success of your event. This does not only include the visitors but also security and service personnel and officially invited persons and VIPs. It must be guaranteed that individual groups only have access to the areas destined for them. Kaba has now developed a mobile solution to meet this requirement. It consists of hand-held devices, workstations for online registration, badge printers and servers for administering registrations, mobile data and the access control system.

The solution based on B-Net allows the location to be subdivided into different zones, different groups to be granted access rights for certain zones and the latter to be checked on site using mobile devices.

The procedure can be as follows: First, a person, for instance a service technician, is registered on the system with his/her data. Access rights for certain zones are defined in the access system. After having defined this, a personalized badge is created. The personal master data with photo and access rights are stored in the access system and on the B-Net mobile server. This data is sent via GSM interfaces (3G or GPRS ) to the mobile hand-held devices. On location, it is then easy to check whether the employee may access a certain zone. The security personnel only scans the badge and gets a positive or negative response in return.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Clearly controlled access control for visitors and staff
  • Individual person groups receive access rights for certain zones only
  • Simple mobile verification of access rights