Time and attendance for students – efficient data processing at universities


Time and attendance for employees is common practice in companies. Yet it is still an innovation for students. Nevertheless, a time and attendance solution integrated into the student administration system is of great interest, because it saves time and effort.

Universities attended by foreign students are often required to submit a whole series of analyses to the government, the border control authorities and other organizations so that the students can obtain loans and visas. This is why an increasing number of universities are looking for a solution that will simplify this process.

Time and attendance solutions impress in particular with their automatic list functions, making life easier for the universities.

In addition to software tailored to the needs of universities, permanently installed Kaba terminals of the B-Net 93 20 type, connected via Power over Ethernet (PoE), are an integral part of the solution. The students use them to record their attendance times. They are obliged to book their times at the terminals with their student badge at least once a week. If the attendance of a student falls below the required threshold, he or she is automatically notified by SMS or e-mail. The use of B-Net 95 80 as information kiosk for the students also makes sense.

The PoE functionality is a great advantage for the universities. It makes power lines to the terminals and power supply units in the terminals unnecessary, which significantly reduces the overall costs of the project.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Entirely integrated solution that records the attendance of its students, simplifies the course administration and offers the university a uniform and efficient data processing system overall.
  • Seamlessly integrated into the student administration system already in use at the university, which automatically supplies the required student data to the time and attendance system.
  • A time and attendance solution automates all elements of student attendance control: recording of attendance data, integration into the university information system, notification in the event of insufficient attendance and internal and external reporting.
  • Power supply of the terminals via Power over Ethernet reduces costs for installation and maintenance.