About Kaba

Kaba is the world’s leading provider of groundbreaking, comprehensive solutions in the premium segment of the fast-growing security industry. The internationally active, listed company employs around 7,500 people in more than 60 countries.

Capacity to innovate drives worldwide technological leadership

Kaba plays a leading role in the global security technology business, within which it focuses on the premium segment. The Group constantly works to maintain a strong position in clearly defined markets. For 150 years, Kaba has time and again been the first company on the market with new and innovative solutions, setting standards in terms of security as well as convenience. This ability, allied with intelligent acquisitions, has helped Kaba grow to be a truly global Group.

Kaba offers its customers a wide and well-diversified range of products. This gives the company the size and stability required to continuously meet the standards expected of a market leader. Kaba’s products and solutions are compatible with each other now and in the future, so customers can be sure that their investments are secure. Kaba Group sells its products and solutions all over the world. The main markets are Europe, North America and, increasingly, the Asia Pacific region. Kaba follows a consistent single-brand strategy, which has helped make it one of the best known and most valuable brands in the industry. The dominant brand values are security, reliability, innovation and engineering skill.

Four business segments and a comprehensive product range

Kaba Group, with its consistently strong earnings, is divided into three international Divisions that are managed centrally: Access + Data Systems EMEA/ Asia Pacific, Access + Data Systems Americas and Key Systems. Through these, Kaba offers comprehensive solutions for security, organization and convenience at access points to buildings, rooms and facilities, as well as for recording personal and enterprise data.