Integration Kaba AG’s Safes+Vaults Division into WALDIS Tresore AG

The Rumlang-based production of safes, vault doors, vaults, and customer safety deposit boxes is no longer part of dorma+kaba Group’s core business.

We would like to inform you that after thoroughly reviewing all possible courses of action, we have decided to close production in the Safes+Vaults division as per 30 June 2016.

Nevertheless, we are pleased to announce that WALDIS Tresore AG in Rumlang has decided to continue to produce and sell the majority of our products. All offers and open orders will of course still be carried out by Kaba AG and handled in collaboration with WALDIS Tresore AG.

Furthermore all the service features will be performed by Kaba AG.

Kaba Service Hotline +41 (0)848 447 447

WALDIS Tresore AG +41 (0)43 211 12 00