Safe Locks

In the Safe Locks business area, the Kaba Group serves the global market for high-security and safe locks. The product portfolio extends from high-security electronic locks for government and business premises to locks for ATMs and products for transit and cargo security. The range of products also covers safes and vaults and includes mechanical and electronic locks for a wide variety of containers. Kaba products serve the premium market, whilst the lower and mid-range market in electronic locking devices for safes and vaults is covered by La Gard.

Kaba Mas

The Kaba Mas history is rich in the development of innovative products meeting the functional needs of a variety of container security applications. The Kaba and La Gard brand portfolios range from sophisticated locks safeguarding classified information and the cash supply stored in automated teller machines to security locks for safes, bank vaults, cargo containers and other commercial applications. The company is located in Lexington (Kentucky, USA).

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Kaba Mauer

Kaba Mauer produces electronic and mechanical key locks and mainly serves the European market. The company is based in Heiligenhaus (Germany).

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Kaba AG

Kaba AG, based in Wetzikon, specializes in the development and production of electronic high-security safe locks. The company serves the European market in high-security locks as well as spot markets worldwide.

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