Staff time recording

Efficient time management with intuitive user friendliness

Admin Facilities
Reduce staff absenteeism and increase productivity through automated time recording.


Increasing staff productivity

  • Efficient workforce management is key to the success of an organisation. Wage overpayment, over or under-staffing, payroll errors... the costs can be hidden but significant.
  • Up to 2 hours a day can be lost in lateness, long breaks and early departures
  • Up to 5% of payroll costs are accounted for by inefficient HR systems, such as clock cards or time sheets. That is 7 minutes per employee per day.

These costs can be saved through a customised Kaba time and attendance system that is fully integrated into the airport IT infrastructure.


Kaba time & attendance (from B-web 9360 we need the general features of t&A)

  • Contemporary aesthetic that blends perfectly with modern architecture.
  • Glass front with display and optional keypad for simple operation.
  • Guide-by-Light operation increases efficiency, accuracy and convenience.
  • Up-to-date information mailbox to reduce manual HR enquiries.
  • Support of all conventional RFID readers and fingerprint readers.
  • DHCP/DNS Ethernet interface for quick and easy network integration.
  • Simple ‘One-Click’ installation and replacement.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) means no separate power cable is needed.
  • Data retention in case of power failure, no loss of data.
  • Online/offline software makes individual operation easy to manage.
  • IP 54 protection class means you can install in industrial environments.
  • Compatible with previous terminal generations, no laborious programming.
  • Integration of biometric identification and verification solutions.
  • Integrated access control functionality to monitor and control locking devices.
  • Additional benefits through license extension.
  • Data encryption to increase data security.
  • Customer specific application using the AVISO interpreter language.