Spectator terrace entrance

Secure and safe spectator terrace entrance

Airports - Spectator terrace entrance

Airports - Spectator terrace entrance


A spectator terrace is a common attraction for guests at many airports. Admission to this area is generally granted by passing through a half-height barrier with access control, which is often programmed with special functions.

There are turnstiles or tripod barriers to enable the operator to monitor and regulate visitor entry at various time of day. E.g. they might need to block access on weather or during security alerts. Or they may want to monitor the number of people on the terrace any one time.


Kaba’s half-height turnstile (HTS-L02) is an efficient system with full monitoring capability. It can be used flexibly with access control software. When access has been granted, all it takes is a light push and the power-assisted drive automatically turns the rotating unit 90 degrees. Matching automatic swing doors are ideal for access for people with reduced mobility or prams.

  • Space-saving double unit.
  • Optimum flow of visitors.
  • Optional coin payment function.
  • Optional counter: turnstile locks in the entrance direction when the maximum number of visitors is reached.
  • Full integration capability into any access control system.