Access facilities

Secure offices with mechanical master key systems and electronic access management solutions.

Admin Facilities
Protect office equipment from theft and vandalism.


How do you keep offices safe, efficient and productive without intrusive and complex security measures? Office equipment, computers, stationery, passenger information need to be protected from theft and manipulation. Kaba has the solutions.

Access management systems for offices

Kaba's access management solutions enable you to define who should be allowed to enter which offices or areas – and when. Door activity is registered and incidents traced back, which helps identify when a door was opened and by whom. This can be done using a standalone system where the history is registered in the locking devices, or in real time if of an online integrated system.

Mechanical locking cylinders

An alternative is a mechanical master-key system for doors as well as for office cabinets, storage rooms and utilities. Kaba’s mechanical locking cylinders can be mastered into integrated key systems to reduce key replacement costs. Colour-coded key clips identify which keys open which doors. Where available, the electronic access control system can also register mechanical access rights, e.g. which key has been given to whom.


Access control software exos

  • Management of access control, electronic locks and mechanical key systems, all in one.
  • Highest rated security level, thanks to the Kaba ARIOS concept. This highly intelligent mechanism recognises, rejects and reports badges that have been copied without proper authorisation.
  • Seamless integration into your ERP and payroll systems, saving you the cost of any IT infrastructure upgrade.
  • Works with your existing badges and facilitates multi-functionality, e.g. for cashless payment, transport, banking, etc.
  • Modular and scalable, so it will grow with your organisation, world-wide and in all major languages.
  • Access rights can be adjusted phase-by-phase as old user groups no longer need entry and new ones take their place, e.g. during building work as the project progresses over time.
  • Tenant management enables all tenants to manage their own access rights autonomously in a jointly used Kaba exos system.
  • Interface with fire, video, alarm and building management systems.
  • Recording of system data and events in real time as people enter and exit, giving you an instant picture, in case of emergencies.

Master key systems

Kaba master key systems are among the most secure in the world. Here is what you get with a Kaba master key system:

  • A system designed specifically for your needs, regardless of the type of building, e.g. residential, commercial, small, large, complex, etc.
  • A tailor-made key plan including a logical key and cylinder numbering system that is flexible enough to last.A flexible master key system, able to grow and change with your organisation over the long term.
  • Reduced number of keys to enhance control and lower the cost of your key replacement.
  • Integration into your access control system if required, so you have an overview in a single tool of mechanical keys as well as electronic badges.
  • Key clips in many different colours (depending on model), so you can allocate one colour per zone or floor, which is a great organisational help.
  • A special ‘Keyplanner’ design tool to help submit your plan online, including your key requirements, long-term overall size of your locking system, and your user hierarchy.

Kaba Mechanical Keys

  • A high level of copy protection thanks to security card registration and computer-controlled longitudinal milling and blank protection
  • Solid Swiss quality
  • Investment protection as the locking system can be expanded at any time and integrated into electronic locking systems
  • Convenience assured as the reversible key can be inserted into the cylinder at any angle
  • Organisational control within the locking system - the customer determines which key opens which door(s)
  • Flexibility as the cylinder core is of a modular design allowing the core to be retrofitted on site as conditions and cylinder requirements change.