Automated border crossing

Automated border control – shorter queues, higher security

Airports - Automated border control

Airports - Automated border control


Shorter queues and improved passenger flow at immigration check-points is not only beneficial to the overall effort to improve airport efficiency, but also reduces pressure on immigration officers.

This gives them time to attend better to travellers who need special assistance – such as families, groups and disabled people – without delaying other passengers.

Automatic passport control helps achieve these objectives and provide additional benefits, such as detecting invalid or forged documents more efficiently.


The Kaba solution consists of a sensor barrier with an interlock function to automatically check the validity of their document, and separately, to verify the identity of the document holder. This system has the following benefits:

  • It reduces the workload of immigration staff, allowing them to perform better, hassle-free checks on other passengers.
  • Helps speed up border controls, cutting waiting time at immigration check-points.
  • Biometric verification prevents fraudulent use of passports or identity cards.
  • In case verification fails, the passenger is led directly to the manual passport control, without blocking the passenger flow.