VIP lounge access

Automated lounge access - treating VIPs like VIPs

Airports - VIP lounge access

Airports - VIP lounge access

Argus - VIP lounge access

Argus - VIP lounge access


As if waiting in line at the check-in, security screening and immigration was not enough, often lounge entrances are also crowded as passengers queue up at the reception to have their boarding cards inspected before they are given access to the lounge. This is not only inconvenient to passengers, it also increase the cost of running a lounge.

However, queues can be reduced, even eliminated, by having eligible passengers pass through sensor barriers to gain access to the VIP lounge. This improves efficiency and reduces costs.


The Argus half-height sensor barriers (HSB) allow for ‘contactless’ access control, i.e. stylish access for the highest paying customers. Passengers walk through effortlessly after placing their boarding pass or frequent flyer card on the reader. In addition to the technical advantages, sensor barriers are notable for their stylish design. The combination of glass with slender stainless steel elements fits in perfectly to the look and feel of today’s modern airports.

  • Easy access
  • High throughput rate
  • No contact with the actual barrier element
  • Solution for people with reduced mobility
  • Variety of models and shapes

Charon half-height turnstiles are also a stylish alternative for the entrance to VIP lounges. The integrated power-assisted drive allows for easy access.

  • Attractive design
  • Open, welcoming look
  • Variety of models
  • Matching swing doors provide access for persons with reduced mobility