Card Collector CRP-M01/02/03

Check and collection of identification cards


The CRP-M01/02/03 card columns are units to check and collect identification cards together with the protective cover and clip-holder.
The column is mainly used to control long-term identification cards, as well as visitor cards. After checking the validity and type of authorisation, the card is either given back to the user on a special tray or retained in the collecting box inside the column. The release activates the opening of the door or turnstile connected to the column, allowing to leave the building or secured area.

Product advantages

  • Slim structure
  • Sturdy and easy to clean surface
  • Easy operation thanks to its clear signal display (green / red)
  • Lockable collecting box can easily be removed for emptying


  1. The user drops the card in the slot of the plastic cover.
  2. It is scanned and checked in the tube.
  3. The access control system evaluates and decides about authorisation and thus release or not. Depending on the situation the card is retained in the collecting box or returned to the user.


Standard prepared for integration of RFID based card readers as usually available in the market. Please, contact us regarding maximum mounting volume. Recommended card-holder dimensions: L 90 / H 65 / D 5 mm.