Access control in pools, spas and gyms


Swimming and bathing have long been used for both therapeutic and entertainment purposes. Whether in swimming pools, spas, thermal baths or water parks – bathing and swimming are an important part of today’s leisure industry.
An increasing number of bathing and swimming facilities offer additional sports and spa services, such as sauna areas, fitness studios and health therapies. The admission of visitors to these different areas needs to be managed and controlled effectively – who is entitled to stay where and for how long? Ideally, access to these different areas should be controlled using one and the same form of customer identification (ticket, season-ticket, key or wristband).
This ID should also be capable of registering consumption, for instance in the bar, restaurant or sports store. By using a clever combination of physical access control equipment – tripod barriers, turnstiles, swing doors – and a suitable ticketing system this can all be achieved with a minimum of staff supervision.
Thanks to our 30 years of experience developing and producing physical access systems, you can rely on our innovative technology and extensive know-how. Our solutions for swimming pools, spas and gyms are renowned for their attractive design and innovative technology. Our access units are extremely easy to use, something which, in addition to their smooth opening mechanism, is constantly appreciated by operators and visitors alike.

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