Access to restricted areas

Every government building, bank or company head office has areas which can only be accessed by authorised personnelat certain times of the day. The access points to these areas are not generally subject to constant staff surveillance and therefore require reliable access control units. Kaba offers a choice of solutions to meet different security level requirements.

Recommended solutions

In areas without staff surveillance, Geryon security revolving doors provide fast and efficient access control. These electronically-monitored revolving doors are space saving, user-friendly and attractive. The door release is activated by means of a reader. The doors turn and lock automatically after every release. Attempts to force the door are met by a passive response (it withstands high pressure) and an active response (revolves in reverse direction using minimum force). Its sophisticated motor and locking system also ensures maximum safety for the user.

  • approved escape column for emergency situations
  • patented end point locking system prevents being locked in
  • WK2 category resistance tested according to DIN V ENV 1627
  • all-glass units with under floor drive
  • shatter and bullet resistant versions
  • option with night shutters
  • option with fire closure
  • option with installation of scales to record weight limits or exact weight



To satisfy your highest security requirements we recommend Orthos personal interlocks which use card readers or biometrical devices to confirm access authorisation.
The cabin can also be equipped with a pressure mat or scales to help ensure single-file access.
Orthos interlocks are available in many attractive designs including all-glass or stainless steel.

  • monitoring sensor system inside the unit
  • option with installation of scales to record weight limits or exact weight
  • option with night shutters
  • optional 30-minute fire containment system
  • reinforced units for protection against vandalism, burglary or firearms