Kaba Ilco and Silca - Gobal leader in all elements of key manufacture

With a product range comprising over 65,000 key profiles, the Kaba Group, with its subsidiaries Silca and Ilco, is the leading manufacturer of key blanks for the key replacement and the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) business. Silca in Italy and Ilco in the United States produce an average of over 5 million key blanks – every day. For the motor industry, for example, they make special key blanks with integrated transponders. With the Silca and Ilco product lines, Kaba is also the world's number-one manufacturer of mechanical, electronic and industrial key cutting and duplication machines and code machines.

ILCO Key Systems


Ilco is the world's biggest producer of key blanks. The production facility at Rocky Mount (North Carolina, USA) turns out around 10,000 key profiles a day, which are sold in North America, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia. Another mainstay of the company's operations is the manufacture of key cutting machines.

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The Italian-based Silca is one of the global market leaders in the development and production of mechanical, electronic and industrial key-cutting and coding machines as well as of key blanks and transponder keys. In addition, Silca provides software that facilitates the control of the entire process of originating a key by computer.

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