Did you know that ...

…Kaba’s products work perfectly all over the world, no matter how extreme the conditions?

  • In Greenland, the retail chain Pisiffik uses ten reader stations in its stores for recording finger templates, as well as 38 separate B-Net 9320 biometric terminals for recording hours worked.

  • In Russia in 2007 a team of climbers ascended Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in the Caucasus, carrying a safe. Even at 4,600 metres, Kaba’s Code-Combi K electronic lock worked perfectly, even though it was never intended for such a purpose.

  • In Fort McMurray in Northern Canada, where extreme weather is the norm, Shell Oil Company has fitted all 1,660 rooms of its residential complex with E-760 electronic locks. The locks are centrally managed using ATLAS – Kaba's Advanced Technology Lodging Access System

  • On an island off the coast of Equatorial Guinea in West Africa, AMPCO runs one of the world’s largest methanol production plants. The access and time recording system installed by Kaba uses B-COMM ERP communications software, which has been integrated into the existing SAP system on the customer’s request, coupled with B-Net 9340 biometric terminals. Despite strong winds and tropical rain storms, the installation has always worked flawlessly.