Kaba customers receive secure access with smartphones


Rümlang, 1st July 2014 – Mobile telephones are taking over more and more functions. Swisscom has launched Tapit, a so-called Wallet-App, that enables secure applications such as virtual credit, access and loyalty cards with smartphones. What does this mean for access solutions by Kaba?

Already at the exhibition Sicherheit 2013 in Zurich Kaba was the first access control provider who, in cooperation with Swisscom presented ID badges simply brought to the smartphone. In the future Kaba customers can simply use their smartphones to obtain access to buildings. In Switzerland this application has been brought to smartphones by the Wallet-App Tapit. Tapit is supported in Switzerland by the three telecommunication providers Swisscom, Orange and Sunrise and have thereby achieved excellent coverage. Kaba will present this access solution at the exhibition Security in September 2014 in Essen, Germany. The access solution will be available at the beginning of 2015.

Kaba mobile access solutions

Kaba mobile access solutions use the newest near field communication technology (NFC) to issue, update and revoke digital authorisations on smartphones, that support this technology. This type of access medium works with all current electronic Kaba products, that are based on RFID – e.g. for access to hotel rooms, apartments, homes and secure areas such as laboratories and server rooms in universities and other protected installations such as office buildings and remote infrastructure facilities.