Safes + Vaults

Safes + Vaults
Safes + VaultsWith its range of safes and vaults, Kaba Group offers the right equipment to protect valuables of all kind.

Protecting valuables in safes and vaults

Kaba Group’s roots are in the safes and vaults business. Whatever the job requires, the company offers the right equipment to protect valuables of all kinds. Its specialists work as general contractors on major projects to provide turnkey security systems. Innovative materials and technologies are used to ensure the products meet all the latest security requirements.

The product range includes lightweight high-security safes, data and document safes, individually manufactured luxury safes, state-of-the-art strong-rooms using lightweight construction and armoured doors, customer safe deposit boxes, counter installations, document safes and security doors. These systems for protecting valuables meet all EU standards and insurance requirements.

Throughout the world, banks and other service providers, government agencies, commercial firms, jewellers, watchmakers, precious metal processors and private individuals entrust the protection of their valuables to Kaba’s products and systems.

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