Safe Locks

Safe Locks
Safe LocksIn the Safe Locks business area, the Kaba Group serves the global market for high-security and safe locks.

High security and safe locks

Kaba is the world’s leading manufacturer of high security and safe locks. Its Kaba Mas and La Gard brands cover products for the mass market, as well as the mid and upper price segments. The range extends from electronic high security locks for government and commercial buildings, to ATM locks, to transit and freight security products. It also includes safes and strong rooms, as well as mechanical and electronic locks for various cabinets and containers.

Committed to the highest standards

Technical and quality requirements are particularly exacting in the high security sector. In the USA Kaba, as market leader, has a government licence to produce container locks that meet the highest security standard (UL) for the protection of classified information. In Europe the products meet the equivalent VDS standard. In the ATM sector, Kaba has set the industry benchmark with its Cencon locks.

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