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  • Kaba smart key

    Kaba at Security Essen trade fair 2014: integral access solutions at first hand

    Using the slogan 'Kaba – beyond security', security company Kaba will be presenting its integrated access management solutions suitable for various requirements, industries and business sizes. The focus will be on Kaba access systems and isolation solutions which stand out thanks to their efficient usage, comprehensive security, portability, design and sustainable profitability.

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  • Sicherheitsexpo-2014_1

    Kaba receives Protector Award in gold for Safety Technology

    München (DE),

    At SicherheitsExpo 2014 in Munich, Kaba won the "Protector Award for Safety Technology" in gold the access control category for its new Kaba Terminal 96 00.

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  • Kaba customers receive secure access with smartphones


    In the future Kaba customers can simply use their smartphones to obtain access to buildings. In Switzerland this application has been brought to smartphones by the Wallet-App Tapit. Tapit is supported by the three telecommunication providers Swisscom, Orange and Sunrise and have thereby achieved excellent coverage.

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  • NFC_Web_Image_Final

    Kaba launches Kaba Mobile Access Solutions at HITEC


    Kaba invites HITEC attendees to experience secure mobile credential deployment via a cloud-based mobile access system and a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) enabled at-lock guest experience.

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  • Foto: M. Nagl, 2014

    Kaba access control in Austria's tallest building


    At the DC Tower 1, Kaba access control systems are used for the smart management of visitor flows. At 250 meters and 60 storeys high, Austria's tallest building now dominates the Vienna skyline. The tower, which was opened in February 2014, has been praised for its cleverly designed infrastructure, low operating costs and energy consumption, and its innovative use of building technologies.

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  • Kaba-Day-Spezial_Food-Defense_02

    Kaba's Food Defence Day proves very popular: food industry shows great interest in better security


    Judging by the great interest shown by around 140 participants at Kaba's special event on "Food Defence", the company has hit a nerve with its focus on improving security in the food industry. The event was also transmitted live over the internet by LIVE Webcast.

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  • B-web 9600 iF product design award 2014

    Time Recording Terminal B-web 96 00 Wins iF Product Design Award 2014


    The terminal B-web 96 00 impressed the jury of the 2014 iF product design award with to its conservative form and clear lines. The awards ceremony, the 2014 iF design awards night, will be held on February 28, 2014 in Munich as part of "Munich Creative Business Week".

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  • Automated exit lane corridors at McCarran International Airport Las Vegas

    McCarran International Airport institutes Kaba’s automated exit lane breach control

    Winston-Salem (NC/USA),

    McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas (Nevada/USA) has received validation from the Transportation Security Administration to fully utilize automated exit lane corridors to provide a more-secure process for passengers exiting protected areas of the airport. The Kaba system at McCarran is the first of its kind in the United States.

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  • ILCO_790_with_keycard

    CERN nuclear research facility installs Kaba RFID locks to secure all hotels


    CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, Switzerland, installed the Ilco 790 RFID lock system for its three hotels and 40 staff and common-area access points so physicists from 20 countries can concentrate on science. CERN is the world’s largest particle physics laboratory.

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  • Three market leaders pave the way for NFC-based ID services in Switzerland


    Three Swiss market leaders have started to close a big gap in the NFC world. Thanks to the cooperation between Swisscom, LEGIC and Kaba, it will soon be possible in Switzerland to safely and easily integrate time and attendance recording and access control into the daily business processes using Near Field Communication.

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  • Kaba mit dem Protector Award für Sicherheitstechnik in Gold ausgezeichnet

    Kaba awarded gold at the Protector Awards for Security Technology


    At the Security Fair Munich 2013, Kaba was honored with gold in the access control category for its new biometric reader B-web 91 05 FP at the Protector Award for Security Technology.

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  • 6-1_Paxos_advance_DE

    New Safelock Paxos® advance: the next Generation in High Security

    Since 1988 the high-security locking systems Paxos® system and Paxos® compact guard values in the billions all over the world: in ATMs, safekeeping accounts, banknote printing companies, jewelry repositories, etc. Paxos is the redundant motorized safe lock when it comes to highest reliability and simplest and intuitive operation at the same time. By analogy with aviation industry, all components relevant for security are implemented redundantly in order to guarantee full functionality at any time day and night. Over millions of operating hours the systems have proved their exceptionally high availability.

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