New Safelock Paxos® advance: the next Generation in High Security


Since 1988 the high-security locking systems Paxos® system and Paxos® compact guard values in the billions all over the world: in ATMs, safekeeping accounts, banknote printing companies, jewelry repositories, etc. Paxos is the redundant motorized safe lock when it comes to highest reliability and simplest and intuitive operation at the same time. By analogy with aviation industry, all components relevant for security are implemented redundantly in order to guarantee full functionality at any time day and night. Over millions of operating hours the systems have proved their exceptionally high availability.

The new safe lock Paxos advance is the consistent and logical advancement of this reliable and proven technology. It combines highest reliability with user-friendliness and now also allows for a simple connection of multiple locking and input devices in one locking system even with smaller lock dimensions. The connected components are detected and configured automatically. Existing safe installations may be retooled without difficulty with Paxos advance. They may also be retrofitted any time, thanks to the modular design. Comprehensive functions such as 100 codes per lock, manifold time lock functions, individual scaling of code rights, free choice of code names, code ageing, eligible code profiles and code groups, opening retardation depending on time of day, dual control, internal case management, event recording, multi-language user guidance and many other features are already comprised in the basic version and meet highest customer demands.

Application of cutting-edge technology and miniaturization reassure the customer of an investment into a state-of-the-art system that is expandable and future-oriented. A pleasing side-effect is the duplication of battery life expectancy compared to the current Paxos generation.

All components of Paxos advance are mechanically compatible with those of Paxos compact for all surplus functions and smaller lock dimensions, which is an advantage for vault builders and retrofitters. Existing customers get along easily with the system without additional training: the proven Paxos Look & Feel has been continued with Paxos advance. Of course, with enhanced convenience, as e.g. the new USB interface for pc programming, the reworked input unit with graphic display and adjustable background illumination or the simpler cabling and installation. The new development lived up to the motto: “Keep the good and proven, simplify the new and make it better”.