Detection of hazardous materials with individualization: New Kaba Personal Interlock detects explosives and drugs

Darstellung einer baugleichen Personenschleuse Orthos PIL-C01
Darstellung einer baugleichen Personenschleuse Orthos PIL-C01

As a highlight at Security 2012 Kaba presents a personal interlock with detection of explosives and drugs. The personal interlock Orthos detect for the first time combines the proven access control technology of personal interlocks with reliable detection of hazardous materials and narcotics, thus achieving highest security levels with one time-saving procedure. The fully automatic analysis of explosives and drugs without staff supervision of the users is unprecedented.

During analysis, the air is lead by a sophisticated system of optimized streaming towards an ion mobility spectrometer and the whole human body is scanned for dangerous substances. Evaluation is done simultaneously for all substances registered. The system may detect and analyze accurately amounts of less than 10 micrograms. It detects all important explosives. Depending on calibration all kinds of explosives, fire accelerants, drugs or narcotics of a known composition may be detected.

The smallest space possible is needed for the detection on people. It is attractive for security areas where up to now protection with personnel, separate analyzing tools or detection dogs was either impossible or too time-consuming or simply too expensive. Now airports, customs, border crossings, utilities, military and government institutions as well as data centers may profit of this hitherto unique combination and the fully automatic procedure.

The personal interlock Orthos detect is available for pilot installations since 1 July 2012. The interlock from the proven Orthos series may be equipped with several options for individualization and access control, depending on the security requirements.