Pro Tech – key cutting made to measure

Modular, flexible, automatic, reliable: the new ProTech key cutting machine combines all these advantages in a single device. Thanks to different accessories modules, Silca can offer every customer exactly what they need.

With the latest-generation key cutting machine from Silca, serrated, dimple and laser keys can be copied using one and the same device – something which previously would have required several machines and various different processes. ProTech is built on the modular principle. It comes in three models and several configurations. Combining different accessories modules means the machine can be individually configured. It can also be subsequently upgraded with different modules or hardware upgrades. In other words, the customer’s investment is protected, with not a penny lost.

High level of automation

The high degree of automation in the ProTech key production process enables locksmiths or key manufacturers to make batches of up to 100 keys automatically, minimizing the presence of the operator in front of the machine. A higher degree of flexibility speeds process machine tooling. This applies even with different types of keys in the different modules as well as with plastic-headed keys. In addition, operator learning time is significantly reduced thanks to intuitive software and a touch-screen interface.


Sound reliability is another strength, obtained by introducing an innovative and sophisticated self-monitoring system. Even with large batches, ProTech produces high-quality cutting and engraving results. There was even closer attention to quality and detail than usual in developing the machine. For instance, for the more delicate parts of the machine, enhanced reliability tests simulated durations of 24-hour working for 365 days for ten years.

Small and compact

Thanks to its reduced dimensions, ProTech is also suitable for smaller shops. The machine combines innovation and flexibility in the space that would otherwise be taken up by three different machines for serrated, dimple and laser keys. Key manufacturers and locksmiths have a tailor-made solution available offering decisive advantages – from time saving and low-cost automated production to ease of handling and comprehensive compatibility.