Gold product design award for Kaba digital cylinder


Kaba wins three product design awards from International Forum Design (iF) for the outstanding visual and functional design attributes of its new products.

In total, 2,756 applications were placed from 43 countries for the annual design award ceremony at the CeBIT in Hanover on 1 March 2011. Following the three ‘product design awards’ for the digital cylinder, reader family and the key fob in autumn 2010, the iF now awarded the ‘gold’ status to the digital cylinder in addition. “We are highly pleased that our digital cylinder belongs to a global category of products that have won a gold award from a prominent international design specialist like the iF” said Mike Segmüller, Head of Access + Data Systems EMEA Markets division, as he accepted the award in Hanover. The new timeless product designs by Kaba feature clean lines, distinct visual attributes, high-quality materials, easy installation, intuitive operation and scalability for future upgrades.

First class design: the Kaba digital cylinder

The redesigned digital cylinder differentiates itself from its competitors through modern and premium look and feel as well as functionality. It uses modern radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. Like its sister products – the Kaba readers – the digital cylinder features the latest security concept against manipulation. It offers great energy-saving potential as it uses very little battery power. A modular design facilitates not only many physical variations but also easy installation and maintenance.

Timeless: the Kaba reader family

There is high-tech hidden behind those clean lines. There is the very wide application spectrum and the high-security concept. These readers form a major part of Kaba’s access control solutions and are suitable for various operational environments. Ease of use, installation and maintenance are as important as quality and performance. In addition, their highly flexible structural design facilitates future scalability, e.g. from a standalone into a hardwired system.

Too pretty to keep in a pocket: the Kaba key fob

This is not a key ring. It is a central element of Kaba TouchGo, which unlocks doors when the hand of the holder merely touches the handle. The key fob can be kept in the pocket or in the handbag. This function is based on the resistive-capacitive identification (RCID) technology, which was developed by Kaba.

About the iF design award

For over 50 years the iF design award has served as a recognised trademark for outstanding design all over the world. The iF design award is one of the most renowned design appreciations in the world. It is recognised by many industries, including some household brands as a major benchmark for design quality.