Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting 2013

The 98th Annual General Meeting of Kaba Holding AG took place on Tuesday 29 October 2013 in the Mövenpick Hotel in Regensdorf, Canton of Zurich. The following agenda and motions were voted on:

1. Reporting on the financial year 2012/2013
1.1Approval of the Financial Statements and the Corproate Governance Report for the financial year 2012/2013 as well as presentation of the reports of the statutory auditors
1.2Advisory vote on the Compensation Report 2012/2013
2.Appropriation of Retained Earnings of Kaba Holding AG
3.Ratification of acts of the Board of Directors and of the Management
4.Elections to the Board of Directors
5.Appointment of PricewaterhouseCoopers AG as statutory auditors
6. Appointment of Andreas G. Keller as independent proxy

All motions were approved by the shareholders.