Security Door Furniture Series SELINA.700


Security Furniture selina.700.KD
Security Furniture - Kaba selina.700.KD

The security door furniture series SELINA.700 made of stainless steel offer styles for modern house and and apartment front doors as well as for inside doors ...

  • SELINA/700 with core pulling protection (AK) in the outside shield
  • SELINA/750 for Europrofile lock cylinders (PZ)



Stainless steel


  • Outside and inside with lever handler (DD)
  • Outside with rigid handle, inside with lever handle (BD)


Security Furniture selina 770 wc 180
Security Furniture - Kaba selina 770 wc 180

For door furniture types SELINA.700 and SELINA.750 Kaba offers matching Rosettesets (SELINA.770), which can be installed on inside doors:

  • The same lever handle design as the security door furniture
  • Styles:

    • for bit key locks (BB)
    • for WC- and lavatory doors (WC)
    • for Europrofile lock cylinders (PZ)
    • window olive
  • Round rosettes for rosette sets
  • Oval rosettes for window olive

Technical Data

The following technical data apply for SELINA/700 series--> for further information see "Documents"

  • Protection grade WB2 according to Austrian standard ÖNORM B 5351
  • 3-fold bolting from the inside prevents the furniture from being unscrewed from the outside
  • Outside cylinder standoff from 10 – 18 mm can be compensated
  • Core pulling protection made of hardened steel in the outside shield
  • Suitable for fire protection doors according to Austrian standard ÖNORM B 3859 (for spindles 8,5 mm and larger)
  • Center distance 88 mm
  • Standard furniture suitable for door widths from 67– 72 mm
  • Simple installation of AK style rosettes