Kaba gemini plus

Kaba gemini plus is a patented reversible key system and is especially suitable for private applications and small to medium sized master key systems.


Lock cylinder with reversible key with LargeKey clip and pulling protection - Kaba gemini pluS
Lock cylinder with reversible key with LargeKey clip and pulling protection - Kaba gemini pluS

The high security of Kaba gemini plus is based on the sophisticated technology inside the cylinder lock. Kaba gemini plus cylinder locks protect against the most common opening methods. The bumping method - which can open a common cylinder lock with a specially prepared key and a hammer with leaving any traces of force – is no topic for the owner of a Kaba gemini plus cylinder lock.

Patent protection

Kaba gemini plus is protected by European Patent EP 1185755. This means only Kaba produces the cylinder locks and additional or duplicate keys in case you need them and only at your request. This results in highest security for you as a customer.

The Kaba Key - Choose your personal Clip color

The Reversible Key - Animation


Security Standards and Certificates (Standard)

Meets the requirements of EN 1303 in Key Related Security Grade 6 and with anti pulling rosettes or door furniture Attack Resistance Grade 2.

Cylinder locks with steel reinforcement plates in the housing meet Attack Resistance Grade 2 without security door furniture.

Security Standards and Certificates (additional)

DIN 18252-82 | VdS Grades B and BZ

Cylinder Surface Finishes

standard brass (MS), polished brass (MP), nickel plated (NI = Standard), chrome plated (CR), polished chrome plated (CRP), light brown (BH), medium brown (BM), dark brown (BD), chemically nickel plated (NIC, salt water resistant)

Cylinder Lock Types

Cylinder locks in the Kaba gemini plus system can be ordered in many different forms:

  • Double cylinders (DZ)
  • Thumbturn cylinder (DKZ)
  • Single cylinders (HZ)
  • Swiss Round as double, thumbturn and single cylinders
  • Scandinavian oval profile as double, thumbturn and single cylinders
  • Union oval profile as double, thumbturn and single cylinders
  • Profiles for French mortise door locks
  • Padlocks (VHS)
  • Rim cylinders (AZ)
  • Sheet metal door cylinders (BMZ)
  • Furniture cylinders (MZ)
  • Furniture locks (MAS, MES)
  • Key switch cylinders (SZM, SZO)

Cylinder lock -Special functions

Within a site many different special functions such as emergency exit and panic doors, garage doors, office doors etc. are often required.

Technical Data

  • Number of theoretically possible individual keyings 200 bil.
  • 3 radially arranged tumbler pin rows
  • up to 17 tumbler pin pairs per cylinder side in multiple steps
  • the reversible key extremely difficult to copy
  • Kaba security master key systems offer maximum customer protection. The keys of the master key system are copy-protected, by a technological and patented copy protection process.
  • Replacement keys are produced without exception at the factory after verification of legitimation.
  • Ergonomically correct reversible key system, i.e. the Kaba reversible key can be inserted vertically into the cylinder keyway from either side.
  • Optional steel reinforcement plates in the housing provide higher drilling and pulling protection.
  • Integration into electronic Kaba access systems with LEGIC Clip possible at all times (retrofit), mechanical keying remains unchanged
  • SmartKey (Standard) with 12 different key clip colors (--> standard color dark blue)
  • LargeKey (Option) suitable for doors with massive security door furniture and and multiple point locks with 7 different key clip colors and individually designed stickers (e.g. customer logo) are possible.
  • Armor bow (Option) ideal for security door furniture and multiple point locks, customer coinage possible