Access rights management

Every company is different


Access rights management Kaba exos® 9300
Access rights management Kaba exos® 9300

The requirements for managing access rights are as varied as the companies themselves. Kaba exos assigns access rights in a structured, organisation-specific manner in compliance with security requirements. Employees, external companies or contractors are assigned access rights based on tasks, projects or contractual relationship. Kaba exos allows you to plan rights in advance, generating flexibility and minimising admin costs. No matter if employees join or leave the company, organisational changes come into effect or specific areas need to be accessible from a certain date, following building work, for instance.


  • Access rights can be organised centrally or decentrally. For instance, basic rights can thus be assigned on a person joining the company. Rights for specific areas or sites are assigned later on by the relevant person responsible.
  • Employees are assigned role-based rights according to their job and areas of responsibility. This simplifies administration, creates clarity and transparency and enhances security.
  • The system supports you in mapping processes to comply with legal standards (e.g. LuftSiG, SOX, ISO) and internal directives.


Kaba exos substantially eases daily access management for SMEs. Kaba exos is therefore particularly suitable for companies that

  • wish to assign access rights flexibly
  • plan access rights and extensions to systems and have to switch over automatically on a certain date
  • need a system that grows organically with the organisation and adapts to new circumstances
  • wish to incorporate new sites into their overall system due to acquisition or expansion
  • would like to assign access rights to different users according to their skills and duties