Kaba 8, the original Kaba locking system

The original Kaba locking system for registered individual locks, garage doors or office furniture.


Kaba 8 is the original Kaba locking system. The system is suitable as an individual lock, or a simple locking system for garage doors, office furniture, cloakroom facilities, switch cabinets, key-operated switches and padlocks. The customer-oriented service enables rapid supply of replacement keys and additional cylinders.


Thanks to rows of pins arranged in a radial formation, excellent materials, extremely accurate precision milling and a unique cylinder design, the Kaba 8 locking system complies with a high security standard.

  • Solid Swiss quality
  • Convenience – the reversible key can be inserted into the cylinder at any angle and requires only minor maintenance
  • Within the locking system, the customer determines which key opens which door
  • Rapid key copy service, as there is no need to store a signature
  • Large range of door, furniture, padlock, appliance and key switch cylinders, as well as cylinder t-handles in various colours and lengths
  • Retrofitting is possible even many years later


Kaba 8 is ideal for locking systems in the following areas:

  • Private homes
  • Small residential complexes
  • Cloakroom facilities
  • Garage doors
  • Offices

Technical Data

  • 3 serie di perni
  • 12 posizioni dei perni utilizzabili contemporaneamente
  • Perni di esplorazione chiave in acciaio temprato resistente all'usura