Kaba through the years

Founded 1862, more than 150 years ago, Kaba has grown from its origins as a small workshop producing safes into one of the world’s leading providers of innovative solutions and first-class services for the protection of people and property – thanks to forward-looking strategy, smart acquisitions and groundbreaking product innovation.

Production site Bauer AG

Company history

From a small workshop producing safes to global security industry player for innovative access solutions in just 150 years: that’s Kaba’s corporate history in just one sentence. But what is the real story?


A history of innovation

Whether with its own inventions or adaptations of technologies used in other sectors, Kaba sets the pace.

Egyptian drop-latch lock (replica)

Locks through the time

How did the ancient Egyptians secure their buildings? What does an 18th century lock look like? We take you on a trip through the ages.