Kaba: an international premium brand

Kaba makes continuous targeted investments in its brand. Kaba follows a consistent single-brand strategy, which has helped make it one of the best known and most valuable brands in its core markets – and not just in its own industry.


Single-brand strategy

As one of the first global businesses in its market, Kaba has pursued a systematic single-brand strategy since 2006.

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Brand core

Kaba's reputation as a premium brand is based on four key features: security, reliability, innovative solutions and outstanding engineering skills.

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Kaba - Beyond security

Brand promise

By adding the “Beyond security” tagline to its logo, Kaba is making a brand promise, i.e. that the customer will get more than “just” a security solution.

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Product brands

Three established product brands - Ilco, Silca and Wah Yuet - are managed outside the single brand strategy because they already occupied leading positions in their markets before Kaba took them over.

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